Animal Friends of Doggy Sods is a Foster-based organization. What does that mean? We do not have a facility where we keep animals until they are adopted. We rely on our foster families to house animals while we search for forever homes.

What is a foster? Fosters bring an animal home with them and provide love and a warm bed until an adoptive family can be found. Doggy Sods provides food, supplies, and vet care for the animal – the foster family is not financially responsible for the animal.

Why is fostering so great?

  1. Foster pets learn love – in a shelter environment many animals become stressed and scared. In a foster home they learn love and trust.
  2. It can be fun for your pets, too! – I know my pets love having new play mates all the time. If you have a friendly pup he might love having a buddy to play with now and then!
  3. It feels great to help – Watching the scared and skittish dogs blossom out of their shells is such a wonderful thing. Like Eva, who came all the way from Kosovo. She was so scared we couldn’t pet her. She hid in my garage for months, but when she met the right family… poof! she turned into a regular dog under the spell of their love! Seeing an animal find the perfect home is the best feeling. It is worth it every time.
  4. Foster pets can make you laugh – watching kittens tumble over each other, or Abby getting the zoomies through the yard. They bring joy and laughter everyday.
  5. Human kids will love it, too! – They can learn responsibility of taking care of a pet and see the benefit of helping an animal in need . Maybe running and playing with young dogs? Or sitting and reading to a shy old cat? There is something in it for everyone.
  6. It’s flexible- can’t have a full time animal? Maybe you would love a pet but you travel months at a time for work. Fostering is perfect! We can work with your schedule.
  7. Fostering can help you heal– maybe you aren’t ready to adopt after losing the greatest cat there ever was. That’s okay. I know the feeling. But maybe fostering could heal that hole just a little. No animal will be like the one before, we would never expect that. But helping an animal in honor of the one that has passed could be the greatest gift.
  8. You’ll give an animal a chance to shine – as I mentioned before: in a shelter environment animals tend to become overly stressed. In a foster home where they feel loved and secure they will show their true personalities, which gives a MUCH better chance of finding the right home for them!
  9. You’ll make someone else’s family complete – the #1 question I get is “isn’t it too hard to let them go?”. Nope. When you see a family all together I swear it fills your heart every. single. time. The best example I can give is Monte the Saint Bernard, our first Saint Bernard. He was with us for 5 months, he became so bonded to me I couldn’t be in the house when families came to meet him… I loved him so much and really did consider keeping him, but I knew if I did that was less room to save more animals that needed me. I was so sad thinking of him leaving, but when I watched him meet his new mom and dad (from a window, remember I couldn’t be around or he wouldn’t even look at anyone else) and I saw how perfectly he fit in their family my heart was so full. They send photos and updates and I feel nothing but happiness and love that he found the perfect home.
  10. You’ll make new friends – I cannot count the friends I have made in the rescue community! Join us!
  11. FOSTERING SAVES LIVES! – The more fosters we have available the more animals we are able to help.
  12. And if you really fall in love – you can adopt them!
  13. Getting started is easy! – at the top of this page is our Foster/Adopt application. Fill that out to get started! We can’t wait to hear from you.